Buckle is a beautiful blue border collie. He has been a loving part of our family since the age of eight weeks old. He is sweet, biddable, driven, eager to please, and very much has every quality I could ever ask for in a BC. Some of Buckle's favorite things to do are play frisbee, chase lure, and participate in conformation events. We are very excited for his future and can't wait to continue showing and participating in sports.

Health testing:

EAOD: n/n

TNS: n/m

NCL: n/n

CEA: n/n

MDR1: n/n

DM: n/n

IGS: n/n

DH: n/n

Glaucoma: n/n

SN: n/n

prelim Hips OFA: Excellent

prelim Elbows OFA: Normal

BAER: Normal

Pennhip DI: Right DI = 0.36, Left DI = 0.32

Color testing:

Buckle is blue and white and carries for both gold and red (brown/chocolate)








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