Delilah is my pick of the litter from a previous stud Corduroy. She is half sister to Kit (by her stud Corduroy) and she is half sister to Aspen (by her dam Ice). Delilah is small, but she is mighty. I always refer to her as my pocket border collie! She is gritty and has beautiful instinct and drive like her sire. She has a lovely build and is a "can go in any direction" sort of girl, although her favorite thing in this world is herding. She is full Optimal Selection panel clear, but is still too young to complete OFAs

Health testing:

EAOD: n/n

TNS: n/n

NCL: n/n

CEA: n/m

MDR1: n/n

DM: n/n

IGS: n/n

DH: n/n

Glaucoma: n/n

SN: n/n

Hips OFA: pending

Elbows OFA: pending

BAER: pending